AskBillFirst Remote Computer Service

"Hi Bill, my computer is running beautifully again!!! Thank you!!!"
"Hi Bill, my computer is working just great."

"Thanks again!! You're the best!!!"

Those are just a few of the comments I've received from people I've worked with.

When your computer is running slow, or your programs aren't working, who are you going to call? When your software vendor is blaming your hardware and your hardware vendor is blaming your software, who are you going to call? When your helpful friend decides to help you out by running some new special program and your computer no longer starts, who are you going to call? When your kids get done using your computer and you can't run your programs because of all of the popup ads, who are you going to call? Need help in getting your new technology set up properly so that you are safe from vendors who want to get to know you better, and from other bad elements on the internet?

You're going to want to call me. I can remotely connect to your computer to assist you with what may be going on with your system so don't hesitate to ask if you need to. It won't always be free support, but I promise that I won't charge anything if I can't help you. I can assist with both Windows and Macintosh computers.

I also offer a monthly service for a small fee, where I connect to your computer remotely, with your permission, and run Windows updates, security scans, and clean up your hard disk. This ensures that you're running with the most recent "safe" updates and your computer is working at its best.

This service also entitles you to unlimited email and phone support throughout the month as well.

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  • Bill JimenezI have 30+ years of personal computer experience in a professional environment, the last 22 of which have been in the Legal/Court Reporting industry. With my background, I offer practical solutions and information on many topics as it pertains to your use of computers. This includes tips and recommendations on laptops, printers and accessories that may be useful for you in your business. I explain technology in a non-technological way. If you have problems or questions about computers or software, ask me.