AskBillFirst Testimonials

"Hi Bill, my computer is running beautifully again!!! Thank you!!!"
"Hi Bill, my computer is working just great."

"Thanks again!! You're the best!!!"

Those are just a few of the comments I've received from people I've worked with. Here are some more:

I'm a California court reporter, and Bill has been my go to guy for all my computer problems/questions for over 20 years. Even though we now live in different states, Bill accesses my computer once a month for maintenance, updates, and any problems or questions that I have. It really makes my job a lot less stressful knowing that Bill is only a phone call or email away. Judy Thiel, California CSR 2618

Several years ago my computer crashed with all my important files, including an all-day expert depo I had just taken. After my initial panic my first phone call was to Bill who calmly reassured me that all hope was not lost. He was able to recover everything from the hard drive and truly saved the day for me. Over the years he has helped me with a variety of computer-related issues, both on my "work" Windows laptop and my personal Mac computer. I have peace of mind now knowing Bill is only a phone call away when an inevitable problems pops up. Being able to remotely access my computer is such a fantastic and convenient service! Not having to bring my computer somewhere and leave it for days is such a relief. I also "gave the gift" of Bill's remote services each month to my elderly parents which has been such a great thing for them. He keeps their computer running smoothly and up-to-date and well protected. No more 1 hour calls to me trying to figure out how to get rid of all those annoying pop ups :) Best gift ever for them and me :) Kathy Sullivan

As a court reporter, technology is so important to our career. For the last 11 years, Bill's expertise has been invaluable to say the least. He's always a phone call away, reliable, trustworthy and always has a resolution. Dina-Marie Russo, CSR 12847

I can't say enough good things about Bill and his services! Not only does he keep my computer safe with his affordable monthly remote updates, he is also there for if something happens on the job and I'm in need of immediate assistance. He is knowledgable, patient, reliable, and I'd recommend him to anybody!! Rachel Davis, CSR# 13621

Thank you. I got your name from a friend with a note saying you had helped her out on several occasions I called someone from Internet a couple years ago and got scammed big time so was very nervous about contacting you. Thank you. Diana Ward