I offer several services to keep your computer running its best

  • Malware CleaningIs your computer running slow? Are you experiencing windows popping up when you're on the internet? Are you having problems accessing certain websites? Chances are that your computer has malware on it. Let me clean it for you.
  • Monthly Update ServiceIs your computer not working the same after a Microsoft update? Not yet ready to upgrade to Windows 10 even though Microsoft is forcing it on you? Let me manage your monthly updates so you only get the ones your computer needs.
  • Periodic Computer CleaningSometimes your computer just slows down, programs don't open as quickly as they used to, things take longer to save. Let me do a thorough cleaning to restore your computer to its prior condition.
  • Phone & Email ConsultationLooking for new equipment but not sure what to get? With all of the choices out there, which computer or printer is right for you? What specifications should you get? Let me advise you so you can get what you need and not what the salesperson wants to sell you.
  • Free AdviceIt matters not what your computer issues may be. I'm always happy to offer my advice and recommendations for free.
  • Authorized ResellerRecommended Backup ProgramBackup your computer files; cell phone contacts, photos, videos, calendar events and more; Facebook photos and videos; Instagram photos and videos.

  • I can't say enough good things about Bill and his services! Not only does he keep my computer safe with his affordable monthly remote updates, he is also there for me if something happens on the job and I'm in need of immediate assistance. He is knowledgeable, patient, reliable, and I'd recommend him to anybody!! - Rachel Davis CSR # 13621
  • As a court reporter, technology is so important to our career. For the last 11 years, Bill's expertise has been invaluable to say the least. He's always a phone call away, reliable, trustworthy and always has a resolution. - Dina-Marie Russo, CSR 12847
  • Several years ago my computer crashed with all my important files.  After my initial panic my first phone call was to Bill who calmly reassured me that all hope was not lost.  He was able to recover everything from the hard drive and truly saved the day for me. Over the years he has helped me with a variety of computer-related issues, both on my "work" Windows laptop and my personal Mac computer.  I have piece of mind now knowing Bill is only a phone call away.  Being able to remotely access my computer is such a fantastic and convenient service!  Not having to bring my computer somewhere and leave it for days is such a relief. Thanks Bill Kathy Sullivan
  • Thank you. I got your name from a friend with a note saying you had helped her out on several occasions I called someone from Internet a couple years ago and got scammed big time so was very nervous about contacting you. Thank you. Diana Ward